Development: Monster

You can contribute to monster database development by sending an email to with monster’s data and image. Contributor may included nickname if they wanted. This is the email format:

attack type
khara quest
quest item
your nickname
nickname description
nickname link

Fill the unknown as “?”.
If the answer is more than one, use comma(,).
Location is in the top-right of the screen.
Exp is experience you obtain by kill the monster which have max. 2 level above or below you.
Type fall into 4 categories: general, elite, raid and raid boss.
Behavior is passive(won’t start attack) or aggressive(will start attack).
Attack type is melee or range
Skill if unknown but the effect is known: ?-[skill effect]
Example: ?-[slow down]
Quest and khara quest are the quest title.
Quest item is item that only drop with quest.
Drop is item grabbed from the monster’s corpse.
Your nickname have max. 15 characters.
Nickname description is what shown when cursor at your nickname.
Nickname link is link when your username clicked.
comment won’t be shown to public.
Click here to see email format example.

Don’t forget to attach screenshot of the monster with this requirement:
1.Set your chat log
2.captured image must be in full screen and fit to monitor (how to use print-screen)
3.captured image have the following criteria:
a.get log said that you kill the monster
b.the monster status show at the middle-top  of the screen.
c.make sure you gather the monster’s drop, not other monster’s drop (shoot the image by the side)
d.include monster’s drop in the image
e.get the monster attribute (by pointing the cursor at the monster’s corpse)
f.notice the location
Click here to see the image example.


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