Rangers deal damage with their skills combo while keeping distance form the foe. They may summon falcon once a while to add their DPS. They could sneak through opponent and also detect sneaking opponent. They have ability to dramatically increase their movement and attack speed. They also have ability to resets cool-down of all their skills.

Class NPC

In order to change your job to a Ranger at Level 25,look for Lynn the Forest Leader Ranger, in the north east of Prontera.


P-ATKer, disabler


Weapon : Bow


Primary : Str
Optional : Agi, Vit
Str is the source of damage since all ranger’s skills and damage are physical attack based.
see stats page for detail about stats.


Ranger’s skill tree
There are 2 primary skill build for ranger.
1. Arrow ranger
Arrow rangers focus on their combo skills to optimize their skills damage.
Arrow ranger’s skill tree
2. Falcon ranger
Falcon rangers focus on summon falcon. They have better trap and ability to sneak.
Falcon ranger’s skill tree


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