Archers attack from long-range with moderate damage. They use skills a lot since most of their skills have fast cool-down and low mana cost. They have special gauge, called focus gauge, for combo of their physical-attack-based skills. Their ability to trap foe is useful for PvE. They also have the ability to support party by increasing party’s agility.



2nd Class



P-ATKer, disabler


Armor : Leather armor
Weapon : Bow


Primary : Str
Optional : Agi, Vit
Str is the source of damage since all archer’s skills and damage are based on physical attack power.
see stats page for detail about stats.


Archer’s 23 skill points build recommended for archer-ranger on going to both ranger’s skill builds. This build also recommended for archer-beastmaster since archers will reset skill points when changes their class to beastmaster.


2 responses to “Archer

  1. I need better quiver where can I buy them?

  2. You can obtain it from monster/quest or you can ask a blacksmith to craft it for you. You can also buy it from ‘Weird Cat’ in every major town with special token. If your level are below 25, don’t worry about quiver.

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